Buddy Walk 2011



Dear Friends and Family,


Tyler here.  On Saturday, June 18th , I will be walking in the 2nd Annual Down Syndrome Association of Santa Barbara County Buddy Walk to show my support for my sister and the more than 400,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the United States.  I have signed up to be a team captain and want to do my part to make sure that each individual is given every opportunity to reach his or her full potential.


Every step I take (ride in my stroller), every dollar I raise, will help ensure that each individual with Down syndrome in the United States will be able to do just that. Last year alone, over $10 million dollars was raised nationwide for local programs and services and the national advocacy efforts of the National Down Syndrome Society.


My folks tell me advocacy is really important because while Mom, Dad, and Brianna are working really hard, the rules are not all in place to give her an equal shake in life yet.  But thanks to people like the DSA we are helping to change those rules and make her life better.  And we are helping people in the community see how awesome people with DS really are.  I can’t think of a cooler reason to nap in my stroller and pee my diaper than that!


I am asking you to Buddy Walk with me to make a difference for people with Down syndrome in our community and help the National Down Syndrome Society create change nationwide.

Click on the Web site link below to visit my personal Buddy Walk page and join my team today!

See you at the DSASBC Buddy Walk!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, INC.


About liftedupbyds

I am father of a child with Down syndrome on a quest to bring greater positive awareness and greater opportunities to people with Down syndrome.
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